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How Do You Take Gorgeous Brelfies With Your Phone?

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A brelfie is a breastfeeding selfie and here are ten tips we use to capture this precious moment.

1. Hydrate

Naturally beautiful shots have skin that has been prepped and moisturized. So our best pics often follow a fresh shower or bath.

2. Wipe Off Camera Lens

Simply wiping off the lens before taking a photo drastically improves the quality of the picture. Don’t use water, just a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt to get rid of dirt, oil and smudges.

3. Incorporate The Sun

As the oldest source of light, it’s definitely the best. So take lots of sun-lit pics.

4. Use The Black & White Filter

Use the black-and-white filter to enhance moments caught indoors, in the car, lying in bed or other places where the lighting is grim.

It transforms pixelated and blurry brelfies into sentimental master pieces.

5. Take Burst Photos

Burst photos are taking multiple pictures in milliseconds. We do this by holding down the capture button on our iPhone (it may be different for other models).

When we take several brelfies at a time, it ensures that we catch unexpected expressions and will love at least one of them.

6. Experiment With Different Perspectives

Imagine shooting from a stranger’s perspective, the blanket‘s perspective, or even the baby’s perspective.

I often shoot from my perspective as the mom. So sometimes, you can see our child. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can see my breast. Sometimes I show our whole body.

The beautiful thing about brelfies, is every angle reveals a different story.

7. Capture Texture

Our breasts have textures ranging from the smooth areola to the heavily textured nipple. Experiment with textured shots and see how many you can come up with.

8. Play With Composition

In the above photo, my breast is off-center. And her adorable wet lip, wide-eyed face is the primary subject. Find your focal point and experiment the same picture with different compositions.

9. Tell Your Story

The coolest part about brelfies is that we are able to document a moment in time through images. Breastfeeding while cooking, while eating, while reading, and more.

What would pictures of your breastfeeding journey show?

10. Keep Phone Away From The Baby’s Head

Of course, we want to keep our little ones safe. Sometimes they unexpectedly squirm and the phone can drop. So always be mindful to keep the phone far from them by using a tripod, or ask someone else to capture this special moment.

What are your tips on taking great brelfies? Have you created a digital safe space to share your brelfies? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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