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Before you become a stay-at-home mom have you considered...?

You can totally do it!! Need to figure out how much your husband should thank you for staying home? Try our stay-at-home-mom salary calculator. And if you have student loans, we have a calculator for that too.

We intentionally do not use lead forms or submit buttons on this calculator. We also do not ask for personally identifiable information (such as account numbers or first and last names). Our goal is to help you think about your finances holistically. For you to confidently know your numbers (what is coming in, what is going out, and how long your reserves will last). 


​Your information is not stored and your calculations will automatically generate in pink.

This calculator is for demonstration purposes only. Meaning, we hope it helps you with your transition to becoming a stay-at-home mom. But, please do not solely rely on it for financial advise.

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