20 Ways I Describe Our 4 Year Old's Hair


✔︎ Gorgeous

✔︎ Super long

✔︎ Super thick

✔︎ Almost reaches her tailbone

✔︎ Beautiful waves

✔︎ Super soft

✔︎ Super shiny

✔︎ Really strong

✔︎ Easier to maintain in small sections

✔︎ Sensitive scalp

✔︎ Doesn’t need frequent washes

✔︎ Attracts lint

✔︎ Requires patience to style

✔︎ Takes days to redo

✔︎ Isn’t too picky about products

✔︎ Heavy creams weigh it down 

✔︎ Thrives in protective styles

✔︎ Looks good in twists

✔︎ Lasts long in plaits

✔︎ Is black


I describe our girls’ hair, because each head is truly unique and responds to styles, products and techniques differently. 


Have you had a chance to study your little one’s head? How would you describe their hair? Here's how I describe our 7 year old’s hair.


Until next time. 


Love Thyself,






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