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5 Things We Love About Our Homeschool Community

We are truly blessed to have a circle of homeschool families to connect with. Here are five things we love about them…



1. More Sophisticated Than Me


I love surrounding myself with people older, more experienced and wiser  than me. It gives me the opportunity to listen and soak up as much knowledge as possible.


2. Bounce Ideas Off Of


Each of the families in our homeschool community have very different approaches to education and it’s nice to simply observe and learn how they make it work for them.


3. Most Are Entrepreneurs


Most of the homeschool families we know have or recently started their own businesses. I love being around that entrepreneurial energy and those who are passionate about creatively solving world problems.


And if our children so choose, I hope they will have a network to connect with in the future.


4. Resourceful


Whether it’s emotional support, referral to local programs, educational opportunities or fun destinations, I find our homeschool community often teaches us about amazing resources our family can tap into. 


5. Socialize


Our 7 year old daughter has friends ranging from 4 to 12.


One day, the 12 year old was teaching our daughter how to prepare for her annual doctor’s appointment. She talked about researching vaccines, knowing what they are, how to talk to the doctor and more. 


Our girls also do projects, go on field trips together and ultimately have peers they can relate to.


How would you describe your homeschool community? What do you love about them? If you do not have one yet, let’s connect.


Until next time.


Love Thyself,








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