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6 Choices Some Breastfeeding Supporters May Not Like

Now that breastfeeding is becoming more normalized — the number of "supporters" are growing.


I just thought I’d prepare you for some exceptions.



1. Breastfeeding In Public


Yes, society may support you breastfeeding but don’t dare do it in public. Especially around men, womyn, boys, teens or children.


2. Breastfeeding Past One


Yup — breastfeed a newborn, but once that baby hits 10 months the weaning questions will come.


3. Breastfeeding On Demand 


(which means breastfeeding as needed not on a specific schedule)


While people support breastfeeding, most don’t realize it’s more than food and is crucial for the child’s overall development.


I’ve heard things like...


“You’re gonna make that baby fat!”


“Give them water, juice, even real food, but they don’t need all that milk.”


“You just fed them, why are you nursing again?”


4. Going Braless


Get ready for the looks, if you choose to leave your breasts free.


5. Sharing Your Breasts' Journey


Some moms shy away from showing their breasts during or post breastfeeding.


Why would another mom show their breasts?


It's helpful to see another womyn's journey - what the months and years of nursing has done to their breasts. As a new mom, it’s also nice to know what to expect and how your breasts may change.


6. Tasting Milk


Surprisingly many have not tasted their own milk, because the thought is repulsive. 


I tried mine — didn’t like it — but at least I tried.


I know I missed some...Have you noticed any breastfeeding habits that supporters may not like or agree with?



Until next time.


Love thyself,



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