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16 Bead Pattern Ideas For Braids

When I ask the girls what color beads they want, they always respond “rainbow.”


Using our same box of beads, we have come up with different patterns in order to keep their braids looking different each time.


1. Random 


There is no pattern here. I literally pick beads from a bag and let it create 

whatever pattern. The only consistency is the number of beads on each braid.



2. More Randomness


Another random color scheme that still looks cute.



3. Primary Color


Purple was our primary color here. The pattern included a total of 5 beads.


3 purple

1 orange

1 blue



4. One Color: White


Here they are all white. We played around with shapes, but kept the beads the same color.



5. One Color: Blue



6. One Color: Yellow



7. Layered


I like to match the girls patterns but give them different colors. This layered pattern includes...


2 Orange

2 Green

2 Blue

3 White



8. Random Color Scheme


We chose three colors and randomly arranged them on the braids. We also played with shapes.



Light Blue




9. Rainbow Braids


Each braid has a different color, but the same pattern and same number of beads. For example...


1 white, 3 orange, 1 white, 3 orange, 1 white

1 white, 3 blue, 1 white, 3 blue, 1 white

1 white, 3 pink, 1 white, 3 pink, 1 white

1 white, 3 green, 1 white, 3 green, 1 white

and so on...



10. Start and End With Same Color


In this pattern, we did one bead of each color and started and ended with orange.


1 orange, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 pink, 1 white, 1 grey, 1 orange



11. Black Beads With A Hint Of Color


Our girls love color, so although the main color is black in this pattern, we put a different color bead on the ends.


5 black, 1 pink

5 black, 1 blue

5 black, 1 yellow

5 black, 1 white


and repeat...



12. Repeating Color Pattern


This simple pattern has three colors ... white, blue, teal, white, blue, teal.



13. Pink and Orange


In this pattern there are 5 pinks beads and 1 orange.



14. Purple Lovers


The theme of this color scheme was tones of purple. We used...

3 purple, 2 light purple, 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 white.



15. Top Heavy


This pattern has 3 pink, 1 white, 2 yellow.



16. Mixed Materials


These wood beads did not come with the box of beads. But I mixed them with plastic beads to give an earth tone look.



What are your favorite bead patterns? Have you tried wood beads and mixing materials? Let us know below.


Peace & Love,



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