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7 Things Our Homeschool Family Loves About The Franklin Park Tennis Association

“Mommy, are you going to play tennis?" our three year old asked. I was expecting to just watch, but the Franklin Park Tennis Association (FPTA) invites everyone in the family to play the game. 


I had on jeans long sleeve shirt, the most inappropriate attire for a sport, but my baby asked me to join and so I did.


Here are seven reasons we love the FPTA.



1. Year-Round Fun


They offer free weekly lessons to the community throughout the year (yes winter and summer)! 


2. Multigenerational


The tennis lessons invite the entire family. Our youngest started when she was two. There is an instructor for the young people and adults are trained by skill level (beginner, intermediate and advanced).


3. Great Coaches


All the instructors know the sport and really seem excited to coach. They are kind, patient and from the community.


4. The Opportunity To Be A Student


No matter how hard I tried the instructor kindly told me I was doing it wrong. There were even moments I zoned out. Being a student helps me relate to our daughters and how they must feel when I am trying to teach them something new.


5. Learn Something New


In addition to developing new skills. I learned another way to teach the girls math. I never knew so many angles, parallel lines and geometry was used in sports. 


6. Stay Active


The girls played the entire hour and a half. I too got to feed my competitive spirit while having fun. 


7. Membership Benefits


For a small fee you can become a member and have access to more training, while supporting a community organization.


Have you checked out the Franklin Park Tennis Association? What sports do you do as a family?


Click here for some of our favorite local activities and resources.


Until next time. 


Peace & love,



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