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12 Stress-Free Tips For Moving With Homeschoolers

When moving with our homeschoolers, I have so many mixed emotions. Excitement, overwhelmed, happy, stressed, motivated, frustrated. We have moved several times with our little ones and here are some tips that helped us.


1. Channel Our Elders & Ancestors


Some our ancestors moved with the seasons and our some of our elders migrated for opportunities. While moving can be challenging, I've learned to focus on the blessings and seek strength from the ones who came before us.


2. Trust The Process


We lived in the same house most of my childhood, so moving definitely wasn't a familiar habit or something that came easy to me. I've learned to embrace the change and trust the process will reap something great.


3. Lay Off The Academics


While learning academics such as reading, writing and arithmetic are part of our homeschool lessons. One of the biggest skills I want our girls to develop is how to adapt to unexpected changes and how to keep pursuing their goals even with life's interruptions. I tend to lay off the academics, because I know they are already growing emotionally and spiritually stronger through the process.


9. Continue Regular Schedule

Moving is a major transition in our lives and I want to keep the girls’ lives as uninterrupted as possible.  We continued to do their daily activities so that their lives felt somewhat normal — and I did the majority of the work at night.


4. Attend To Their Emotional Needs


Despite keeping their routines the same, their physical space was drastically changing. Our girls became distraught over not being able to find their toys or their favorite costume dress. I made sure to respond to their emotional needs and lean on our village to give the girls refuge.


5. Make Sure They Have Fun


It is difficult to do basic everyday routines when things are scattered. I tried to make the best of small moments. Picnics on the floor became a fave.


6. Play Music


I have to work to a beat - It makes the moving experience more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Listening to songs with encouraging lyrics and inspirational words is also a way to feed our spirits while we work.


7. One Room At A Time


Tackling one space at a time helps me feel more productive. I make sure I empty the entire room before moving to the next space. 


8. Set A Timer


This is the most productive I have been in a while. If I only have an hour, I work hard until that hour is over. Then back to the kids.




10. Take Little Steps Toward The Bigger Goal


I easily get overwhelmed and freeze not knowing where to start. I had to force myself to take little steps, because I know my response to stress will teach the girls how to respond to future stressors in their lives. 


11. You Come to Me


When I’m packing my children constantly yell, “MOM!” Usually I go to them, but to avoid multiple interruptions, I told them they have to come to me.


12. Get Help


The girls are also pretty amazing helpers. I found giving them a task made them feel a part of the process.


Thankfully friends and family members also helped entertain the girls for a few hours, so that I could get even more work done.


Has your homeschool family moved? How did you handle it? We'd love for you to share your experience below.


Until next time.


Peace & Love,



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