The more I learn about how to use our money to increase our earnings, the more strategic I am about where we put our income and what tools we use to increase it. 


Which is why I love this strategy. 


It allows you to start right where you are. 


You have everything you need right now to increase your earnings. 


You do not need a master’s degree, a food truck, or a massive loan to purchase property. 


You need a strategy. 


A strategy that will help you use what you already have to multiply it. A strategy that activates your brain, so that you will get more and more creative about opportunities for economic growth. 


While this ebook gives you a specific strategy (using credit card cash rewards), I really need you to sit down and write out all the resources you have available to you right now. Ponder on how these resources can be profitable to both you and your family. 


I’m sharing our personal journey in hopes of encouraging other families like ours. I want to remind you to start right where you are. 


You are in the perfect position. 


You already have the tools you need to elevate you and your family. 


You were created to prosper. Life is a game. You’re a winner. So create a plan and watch your financial goals grow.

How My Credit Cards Pay Me $60 A Month While I Breastfeed eBook

  • I am not a licensed financial advisor or professional. This ebook details my personal financial journey and is for educational purposes only.

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