What’s The Best Strategy For Convincing Your 5 Year Old It’s Hair Time?

Our 5-year-old does not like sitting still for 1-2 hours (the amount of time it takes to do her hair from start to finish). And while I was getting better with my negotiation skills, my creative juices couldn't get past chocolate and ipad bribes.

Her hair reaches her tail bone and she is not interested in cutting it. In fact, she’s been begging for braids since she was three and four years old.

For a while, I was doing this style.

It’s cute and neat, but also needs to be redone weekly or every two weeks before it becomes dry and brittle.

My inner voice, which looks and sounds like my husband, ridicules me for not doing her hair often. His philosophy (as a man and father) is that she will do the ugly cry, but she will love the results.

My philosophy (as a wombman and mother) is that the hair process should be pleasant and enjoyable. While I know he has great intentions, I had to focus on the two people involved. So I keep her hair in plaits — for weeks at a time. It’s clean, soft, and has a healthy frizz.

She loves her braids and prefers low maintenance styles. Her older sister is also able to style her hair in pigtails, half-up-half-down, or whatever other creative design they come up with.

What’s your 5 year old’s go-to style? Do you and your spouse have cultural disagreements about hair care? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

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