Can You Please Share Behind-The-Scenes Of DommiesBlessed?


I think you will find this part of our journey interesting if you are a blogger or have hopes of becoming a blogger and are interested in what it takes.

Today, I start with the evolution of our home page.

April 2017

This is my first homepage. At this point, I didn't even have a logo.

September 2017

Now I have a logo and a niche, Womynhood. Motherhood. Wifedom.

December 2017

New tagline, "Let's Build Strong Families Together."

January 2018

Looks like I ...

January 2018

I narrowed down my niche even more to, Breastfeeding. Hair. Homeschool. Previously, these were all under the motherhood tab.

It looks like I also ...

  • minimized the site design so that visitors knew exactly what DommiesBlessed was about

  • added a pink "Learn More" button

  • added a donation button

  • added all my social media accounts

What you can't see, is that I also ...

  • added online support through coaching, as well as

  • links to tools and resources

March 2018

I often added features for a better user experience. For example, if I noticed something helpful on another site, I would add it to mine.

Or if there was a feature I wish they had on another site, I would again, add it to mine.

This month I added...

  • log in

  • search

  • shop

  • and the tagline, "raising our queens"

May 2018

By our 13th month, I felt I had a good handle on website design. So I created another website for myself, and one for my husband [both not shown].

For DommiesBlessed I...

  • really concentrated on user experience, evident of the "Can We Help You Find Something" search field

  • updated my bio and pic

  • defined breastfeeding, hair, and homeschool

  • put as much information as possible on the front page including multiple blog posts

August 2018

I spent even more hours, trying to make my site as productive and clear as possible.

  • Here I added the call to action, "subscribe," in my header.

  • I also added informative and beautifully designed downloads, which I called lovegraphics.

  • And some quick buttons. So that it would easier to navigate the site.

April 2019

  • I added "set goals" to the call-to-action in our header

  • I added quick buttons, so visitors could call/email from the front page

  • I increased our download stash to 50

  • I published our first ebook

  • and optimized our website footer

January 2020

Now, I'm back to the simplest bare-minimum site. I'm happy with it because it loads faster and is minimalistic.

What Have You Learned From Updating Your Home Page So Many Time?

It was very time-consuming, but also very fun. It taught me a bunch of new concepts like registering a trademark, affiliate marketing, and call-to-actions.

In the process, I've also discovered that less is more. And diving deep into a topic is better than covering a wide range of topics.

I really hope this was helpful. If you are interested in more posts like this, you can become a site member here. If you are already a member, you can view our member's only journey here. I plan to write more about...

How I optimize my titles?

How I increase my site speed?

What tools I use to organize my blog posts?

...and more.

Basically all the areas that will help me virtually spread the word about strengthening families through breastfeeding, hair and homeschool.

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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