How I Style Our Newborn’s Hair?

I keep it pretty simple, yet beautiful. I comb her hair in the direction it grows and make sure it’s liberally oiled so that her crown shines.

What About Accessories?

I view her hair as its own natural accessory. Meaning - I rely on her natural side part, the spiral at the crown of her head, and her unique texture.

I adore minimalistic styles and how they reveal our daughter’s natural beauty.

So we do not use bows, bands, wraps, hats, or barrettes on our little one’s head.

Which means she is not easily identified as a girl - but I do not mind.

Do You Use Any Styling Products?

Yup. I alternate between coconut and olive oil.

What About Styling Tools?

My hands and a rat tail comb.

What About A Baby Brush?

I tried one baby brush and while the bristles were super gentle, they were too soft to take care of her strands.

The baby comb (from the set) was too thick and did not grab her hair at all.

The rat tail comb that I use for me and her sisters’ hair worked perfectly.

What Do You Mean By “Worked Perfectly?”

With curly hair (even if it’s short), it’s important to have tools that properly distribute the oils and gently detangle every strand. And in my experience, our rat tail comb did that job the best.

Since Hairstyles Symbolize Art, Culture, Fashion, And Practicality (Through Grooming). What Does Your Newborn’s Hairstyle Mean To You?

Artistically, I’m obsessed with her different textures as well as how her hair bends, lays and shines.

Culturally, I’m super thankful to carry the tradition of delicate and purposeful hair care.

And grooming-wise, I’m excited to study and get to learn more about her unique texture.

Here are her hair care routines thus far...

Our Newborn's Hair Care Routine

Our 1 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

Our 2 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

Our 3 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

Our 4 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

What about you? How you do style your little one’s hair? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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