How I Keep Our Daughters Still While Doing Their Hair?

I don’t. There are days they move constantly and rare occasions when they don’t.

Why Do They Move So Much?

I think they find the hair doing process super tedious. It definitely takes me time to properly detangle and neatly care for their hair.

I’ve cut out and combined certain steps -- such as I no longer accessorize with beads and on the rare occasions when I deep condition, I put in a protective style instead of having them sit with product in their hair for 30 minutes, rinse then style.

Have You Tried Movies And Shows?


When we had our first daughter, I was against screens.

Over the years I’ve seen the benefits of screen time. So when I do their hair, they use their iPads - playing games, watching YouTube, reading ebooks, and more. They are in front of a screen which would make you think they are stuck in one position and could stay still.

However, if I’m braiding at the nape of their neck, I may need them to hold their head down just for a minute until I finish the braid. Or if I’m doing the side, I may position their head in a tilt. Nonetheless, holding their head in a certain position for 2 minutes or less seems to be a hassle.

Why Don't You Force Them To Stay Still?

I’m a big advocate for making the hair process enjoyable. Not just for me, but for the girls too.

My mom was very gentle with my hair when I was growing up and it saddens me when I see children getting popped in the head for moving, crying due to tenderheadedness, scrinching in pain, or simply not enjoying this intimate bonding time.

Our crowns should be handled with gentle hands, positive words, love and care.

So What Do You Do When They Move?

I ask them to stay still.

I try to finish their hair as quickly as possible.

I save their parts when I can.

And most importantly, I focus on the health of their hair and not the actual style.

Meaning sometimes their braids are pointed in different directions, but at least it’s braided and protected.

I’ve had to braid their hair while breastfeeding and even while they were sleeping.

As long as I get the braids in and they are neat.

Is It Frustrating When You Can’t Complete A Style?

The girls find getting their hair down a little frustrating, which is why we prefer styles that last a long time.

My parenting style focuses on love, so I’m always looking for ways to do their hair quicker and more efficiently so that we all enjoy the process.

Why Don't You Outsource Their Hair Care?

Although doing a little girl's hair is not what I imagined, I still love doing it! I find studying, maintaining and getting to know their crowns super interesting and fun.

How about you? How do you keep your little one’s still while doing their hair?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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