4 Ways Our Hair Naturally Protects Itself

Our bodies were perfectly designed for self-preservation - including our hair. So, these are 4 ways I’ve noticed our hair protects itself.

1. Coils/Curls

Because our strands are as delicate as fine silk, curling back on itself not only creates the most beautiful pattern, but it also serves to protect itself. Our ends, which are the most fragile part, are tucked away and the curls hide and insulate the scalp from extreme conditions like the hot sun or winter cold.

2. Fuzz

I remember when “new growth” was something I avoided. Whether I was wearing my hair straightened or in locs, I always preferred the sleek look. Now I realize frizz serves to protect our scalps.

3. Not Easily Penetrated

Water doesn’t easily penetrate our strands. Even when I run water over our heads, it takes a few moments for the water to fully saturate the hair - which means our hair is able to build a strong barrier and keep things out.

4. Protective Styles

There are certain styles that help our hair protect itself. My favorite for the girls are braids, while I prefer wash-n-gos for my head. These styles do not require any fancy products just our God-given hands.

What are some natural ways your hair protects itself? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

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