5 Hair Care Tips We Swear By

One of the best ways we honor our crown, is to constantly figure out what helps it thrive. Here are 5 hair care tips we swear by...

1. Oil Just The Scalp To Minimize Lint

While oil works magic in our hair, I've learned to concentrate it at their scalp to avoid having their hair be lint magnets.

2. Good Cleanse (Not Stripped Cleanse) Makes Our Hair Softer

Having our girls forced me to learn how to care for kinks and curls. In the beginning co-washing (cleansing the hair with conditioner) made sense. Over time, I realized while it may work for some, it damaged our curls. Cleansing with bar soap has been instrumental in our hair journey.

3. Always Finger Coil Ends

Our hair in its natural state is the best way to protect itself. I've noticed it with my hair (I wear a curly fro) and our girls' hair (who wear plaits fingercoiled at the ends).

To finger coil the ends, use a fine tooth comb to lay the tiny hairs flat and watch them curl on on themselves.

4. Don’t Obsess Over Frizz, Our Texture Is A Better Indicator Of Our Hair Health

Our girls hair often times looks frizzy and older than it really is. But their hair is thriving - growing longer, thicker, and stronger.

5. Find The Least Amount Of Products That Work For You And Stick To Them

In my experience, less is always more. So, we are loyal to brands like Shea Moisture and Nubian Heritage, because they give us amazing results without having to pile on extra steps and products. I often get tempted to try new creams, serums, and lotions, but I found that even when the packaging makes a bunch of promises, they tend to fall short of what is already working for us.

What tips have you learned while taking care of your little one's hair?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

Our current hair products and tools...

High-Pressure Double Shower Head

African Black Soap

Manuka Honey Conditioner

Clear Gel


Metal Tip Rat Tail Comb

100% Natural Boar Bristle Wave Brush

Wet brush (from dollar store)

Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Black Hair Pony Tail Holders

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