Why This Homeschool Mom Blogs

I love to create, I love to learn, I love to expand my mind.

So I blog.

To me blogging is so much more than writing my feelings down. There are many other platforms and journals where I can do that.

I started blogging for selfish reasons. In fact it was a birthday gift to myself.

After pouring so much into my children, my husband and our home - I needed a space for me.

Growing up I was addicted to learning and constantly feeding my mind with new information.

In adulthood, I continue to crave knowledge and love the feeling of my brain lighting up.

Blogging does that for me.

It's not just about writing.

It was the process of creating a heart-led business that brings value to others.

So I came up with a logo.

I got it trademarked.

I built a website.

I designed my website.

I pitched articles to other blogs.

I worked with vendors overseas to create products.

I contracted with local agencies.

This blog has afforded me so many opportunities, including speaking engagements and paid contracts.

But most importantly, it makes me proud of myself.

Every time I visit my blog it is something that I created from nothing.

This virtual address did not live here until I created it.

These images of beautiful chocolate babies, were not here until I posted.

A vision of a Black homeschooling family was not here.

It is something I can look at and feel proud of.

I blog because it is healing to me. It brings me clarity.

It forces me to sit down and clearly identify my life goals and why I do what I do with my family.

It keeps me on track. When I’m having a bad day, I will look back on posts like 10 coping skills for bad days.

I’ve noticed more conversations on breastfeeding, hair and homeschool as a result of it.

People have called to consult with me.

I believe these conversations are humongous steps towards building stronger families.

I’m proud of DommiesBlessed and I will continue to blog, because I owe it to our ancestors to document our journey.

Are you a blogger? What has blogging done for your? Let’s connect.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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Curious to know which software I use for my blog? Wix has been super helpful. Its drag-and-drop design makes it easy for me to focus on creating content, instead of coding and and other technical skills.

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