5 Shampoo Techniques We Swear By

Clean strands are the foundation for soft, shiny hair. And while shampooing may sound like a very simple step, over the years I’ve discovered there are a few techniques that give us better results.

1. Bar Soap

Bar soap tends to get us a better clean. It washes away the debri, oils and product without leaving our hair stripped. African Black Soap from Nubian Heritage is our fave.

2. Brush Suds Through

We brush through the suds with a detangling brush. Brushing is used for evenly distributing the suds, not for detangling (we use conditioner to help with that).

3. Focus On The Crown

When shampooing, I focus the soap on the crown and let the suds slide down the hair. I scrub the scalp with my fingers, but never bunch or scrub the ends.

4. Feel For Cleanliness

We wash once a week or sometimes every two weeks. When we shampoo I always feel the hair for cleanliness, which I would describe as naked and squeaky.

5. One To Two Rinses

Sometimes we lather and rinse once, and sometimes I repeat that process twice. It depends on how much product is in our hair. The only important part is to make sure all of the soap is washed out.

That’s it. Do you have a special way of washing your family’s hair? What tools, techniques and products do you use?

Until next time…

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