3 Steps To Washing Hair With Plaits

I know washing her hair with plaits, probably doesn’t get her head the cleanest — but it works for now.

It allows me to shorten the detangling process and save her parts so that the process isn't too long for our three year old.

Plus I’m all about doing whatever it takes to live a stress-free life for me and the girls.

So here are three ways we wash her hair with her plaits still in.

1. Focus On The Scalp

Healthy scalps equal healthy hair growth. So when washing their hair, I massage and make sure that their hair follicles are thoroughly cleansed.

2. Let The Suds Run Down The Braids

We use Nubian Heritage's African Black soap or Shea Moisture's Manuka Honey Shampoo.

Both lather pretty nicely. I let the suds run over the braids so that they can collect any dirt as they fall.

After rinsing, her hair looks refreshed.

3. Remove Lint

When we’ve gotten out the tub, I undo the braids. They sometimes will have a ring of dirt at the start of the plait.

Using a clean fine-tooth comb I remove the lint.

The close teeth do the best job at getting the gunk out. It doesn’t hurt because the hair is pretty detangled from being kept in braids.

That's it!

Have you washed your little one’s hair while they still have braids? How do you get their hair clean? What techniques do you use to make wash day work for the entire family.

Until next time.

Love Thyself!


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