3 Ways We Make Wash Day Less Stressful

Our three year old still dreads water flowing over her head.

We’ve tried washcloths…. hair visors

me sitting in the tub…

her older sister demonstrating how to not get water in her face


She cries REAL TEARS and screams like she is MELTING.

Here are three ways we try to make wash day less stressful (for me and her).

1. Wash Hair With Plaits

Instead of taking out the braids, I keep her plaits in.

My goal is to cleanse her scalp, because healthy scalps grow healthy hair.

2. Use Less Product

I really only use conditioner and oil in their heads.

Using less product means they have less layers of gunk to remove - making a quicker wash day.

I usually do TWO LATHERS AND RINSES, before I notice the hair squeaks.

3. Wash Every Other Week

The less often we do this routine — the better.

My goal is happy and healthy children — so I found every two weeks to be the best compromise.

How is your family's wash day routine? Does your little one have a fear of water on their head? How do you deal with it? Let me know below.

Until next time,

Peace & Love


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