7 Ways I Avoid Spending Too Much Money On Hair Products As A Hair Enthusiast

I used to love trying new products, accessories, and tools — but now, I keep it simple. Here’s how.

1. I Realized Less Is More

Our hair does the best when we use the least amount of products, styles, and manipulation.

Water, oil and a great conditioner are our staples that have been keeping our hair healthy, shiny and growing.

2. Know That What Works For Others May Not Work For You

I’ve been tempted on several occasions to try products others recommended. Marketers also do an amazing job making new products seem like a must-have and I found myself being very disappointed over and over again.

I’ve learned to stick with products that work for us and to not stray unless I discover a new hair problem, that needs addressing (like dry scalp).

3. Shop At Stores With A Great Return Policy

Our local Walgreens takes back products even if they are open. So if we try a conditioner and it breaks out our skin or mattes our hair, or simply does nothing for our coils, we can return it to the store for a full refund.

Amazon is another retailer with an excellent return policy. Did you know students get a discounted rate on their membership? And business accounts get special pricing?

4. Embrace Our Crowns The Way They Are

I’m not big on buying accessories, because our crowns are our accessories. The unique textures, colors, and strand thickness do an excellent job at adorning our faces.

Even when we do use the traditional accessories, I love to exhaust what we have. With one box of beads, we like to try different patterns and color schemes.

5. Avoid Allergic Reactions

Even natural products left us with irritated skin and bouts of eczema - which made me less enthusiastic about trying new products.

6. Stay Loyal to Brands

We are also pretty loyal to brands that have amazing back stories. Once we find something we love, we stick to it.

7. Find A New Style

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the way I style my hair determines my hair budget.

For example, when I cut my hair, I only needed a tiny amount of gel each day.

When I wore weave-ins, I was spending $60 a month on new hair.

When I was figuring out how to perfect my wash and go, again I was spending about $60 a month just on conditioner.

Experimenting to find what style compliments me without breaking the bank requires trial and error.

Keep trying until you discover a style that honors your crown and fits your hair budget.

Is your hair care getting expensive? How have you cut cost without sacrificing the health of your hair?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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