What Is A Homeschool Approval Letter?

A homeschool approval letter is the city’s formal response to your homeschool application.

It looks something like this…

Technically, we as Boston residents do not need our city’s approval to homeschool. We are simply notifying them of our decision to educate our children and their response serves as proof that our child is accounted for.

Ref: Massachusetts General Law Chapter 72 Section 2

What if you don’t receive an approval letter?

I’ve heard that sometimes the department doesn’t respond.

In fact, this happened to us.

We physically went to the office to drop off our application. It wasn’t until I mailed our paperwork certified that we got a response.

So, while we have the option to...

  1. Fax

  2. Email

  3. Mail, or

  4. Hand deliver

I would highly recommend emailing. If the department does not respond, I would mail the application certified.

Once received - file the approval letter for your records.

You may also use the approval letter for educator discounts. Here are some of the places that offer discounts to homeschooling families.

Lakeshore Learning

New England Aquarium


A.C. Moore

Pretty cool, huh?

Always check in-store coupons to compare savings. The local library also offers free & discounted tickets to places like the Aquarium, so I would also check if they have available tickets, before using the homeschool discount.

If you missed our video on How To Register Boston Homeschoolers. Check it out here.

This video is a brief description of homeschool laws.

Feel free to email me directly if you need more help.

Until next time.

Peace & Love


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