6 Tips To Quickly Take Down Braids

When taking out braids - every second counts.

Even with movies, games, books or toys - our three year old one only allows a limited amount of time for me to be in her head.

So, here are six tips we use to quickly take out braids.

1. Oil Hands & Strands

Our favorite is olive oil - but we have also used coconut oil, jojoba oil and any oil blend that allows slip.

I rub a small amount on my hands and over their braids to lessen the friction and prevent the hair from knotting.

I also keep my hands lubricated with oil, so that the strands easily separate.

On a side note, I feel like the oil also helps condition the hair before we wash it.

2. Spritz Ends

Oil works best when the hair is braided to the end.

When I fingercoil the girls’ ends, I use water to loosen the curls. Here is a picture of her braids when I use fingercoils to seal the ends.

Again, I spritz water in my hands and run them over the braids so that their hair is slightly damp (not soaking wet).

Then the hair is more pliable and the braids come out faster and more smoothly.

3. Use Rat Rail Comb

We have used our fingers and pens, but using a metal rat tail comb is my favorite tool to take out their hair.

Just put the tip in the braid and slide it down. Move up the plait stitch by stitch and the braids come out quickly and painlessly - no knots.

Rat tail combs can be found at your local hair store, dollar store or online.

4. Make Big Braids

The best way to make sure that the braid take down process doesn’t take too long is to not create so many. The more braids they have in their head, the smaller they typically are.

Not only does installing small braids take a long time, it also takes a long time to take them out - especially when we are trying to keep their tiny heads still.

When installing braids, I make sure that the sections aren’t too small, so that the braids will be big enough to easily take down.

5. Leave The Braids In As Long As Possible

Our three year old can go weeks wearing the same plaits. At times, I will wash her scalp but keep the braids in.

I'm still convinced, doing hair should not be a stressful process for me or her. As long as the braids are not matted and the hair feels soft, I know that it is healthy - which means we keep her styles in for as long as possible.

6. Solicit Extra Hands

I’m pretty picky on who I allow do our girls' hair. However, I do welcome when family offers to take down their braids.

As they age, I will teach the girls how to unravel their own hair so that we can tackle the process together.

While I understand the need to take out braids quickly, it's important to not damage the hair in the process.

How do you take out braids fast? If you use a lubricant, what do you use? What makes their hair take down process go smoothly? Let us know below.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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