5 Embarrassing Tricks Breastfeeding Breasts Do

There have been a few embarrassing moments involving my nursing breasts.

Since I've experienced them, hopefully you will not have to. Here are five embarrassing tricks breastfeeding breasts do and my tips to solve them.

1. Leaky Breasts

Breasts leak if there is excess milk. My breasts only leaked when we had a newborn and my body was trying to figure out how much milk to produce for the baby. Womyn have told me they also leak when they hear any baby cry.

Solution: We used nursing pads in our bra. There are reusable and disposable ones that you can use to catch the excess milk.

2. Opposite Direction Nipples

My breasts were no longer firm, because of the constant deflating and inflating from milk production and feeding. And now my nipples point in different directions, if they are not perfectly positioned in my shirt.

Solution: Adjust yourself in mirror. Another idea is to wear ruffles, patterns, dark colors, or thicker materials so that the nipples are not visible.

3. Big Breast, Small Breast

Although I have not personally experienced this, mothers I know have had lopsided breasts from their child preferring one side over the other. In other words, if the child only nurses from one breast, that breast continues to produce more milk making it larger than the other one.

Solution: Encourage child to nurse from both breasts. If they only nurse from one breast per feeding, try to remember which side they nursed from and give them the other breast the next time they are hungry.

4. Engorged Breasts

Engorgment happens when the breast keep filling up with milk. The skin can get tight, the breasts get hard and it can feel like your chest is on fire.

I’ve been engorged a few times while at a public event where people greet with hugs. It can be very embarrassing trying to explain the reason people can not touch you. Plus, just generally being uncomfortable and looking like you are in pain.

Solution: Try to empty breast before going out by using a breast pump, hand expressing the milk, or feeding the baby.

5. Numb Nipples

Sad to say, but my nipples are super elongated and numb from years of nursing. Sometimes I think I have folded my breasts back into my shirt, only to find out they are hanging out.

Solution: Always check to make sure your breast are where you put them.

What embarrassing things have your breastfeeding breasts done?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


Reusable nursing pads (I have not personally used, but would have if I had known about them)

Disposable nursing pads

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