4 Reasons Bantu Knots Are Perfect For Little Girls

Our three year old just started sitting still to get her hair done. There are days she still fidgets and so bantu knots have become a favorite. Here’s why…

1. Quick & Easy

I prefer styles that are quick, easy and super cute. And since our girls used to nurse when I did their hair, I found bantu knots to be one of the easier styles to do while having a child on the breast.

2. Perfect For Short Or Long Tresses

For a while I kept their hair short. Bantu knots are an easy style that looks cute on short and long hair. For shorter hair, we part more sections of hair and the knots are smaller.

3. Protective Style

Braids aren't the only protective style. Twisting and tucking the hair into a bantu knot keeps the ends protected.

4. Stretch Hair

Bantu knots are also an easy way to stretch the hair. When we take the knots out the hair is stretched, fluffy, soft and easy to detangle.

Have you tried bantu knots? Why do you like them?

Until next time

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