Why We Homeschool

“Mommy, that’s green.” My jaw dropped when I realized our two year old knew her colors without me intentionally teaching her. There are many reasons families choose to educate their children at home. Here are three of ours...

1. She Asked

I like to call ourselves accidental homeschoolers - which means, we fell into it simply because our daughter asked.

And when she did I was pretty uncomfortable with the idea (and at times still am). I guess I always wanted her to be in charge of her own education. I was just surprised that it looked like this.

2. It Fit Our Lifestyle

Fast-paced mornings are not our style. We still have productive days that allow us to wake well rested and in a positive mood, eat breakfast as a unit and cuddle with a morning story. When she was at school there were many stressful mornings and we were always late.

3. We Are Life Learners

One of the reasons we initially sent our three year old to school was because we felt she would learn more from people with degrees, experience and tools to teach small children. It didn’t cross my mind that we are all natural born learners. That is why infants are able to master walking and talking simply by observing others and using their own self-determination.

Although I have met a few impressive homeschoolers in my lifetime, I never imagined it would be a part of our story. I'm honored and excited to witness our children learn and explore their passions.

Want to see a day in the life of our homeschoolers? Click here for our five year old's story or here for our two year old's. Still have questions? Ask me anything.

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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