5 Tips For A Tender Head

Tenderheadedness is a real condition. I know because I have been tenderheaded for years, and now our six year old also has a sensitive scalp. The very top of our heads hurt if pressed or the hair is pulled too hard. Here is what has been helpful for us.

1. Less Manipulation

With a tender scalp certain hair styles are very painful. I plaited my hair with extensions and ended up with a headache. Cornrows also require too much pulling in different directions which hurts both of us. Twists, buns, and afros use less manipulation and are easier on our soft spots.

2. Combing Wet Hair

Combing hair when wet makes it easier to detangle and helps prevent unexpected stray strands from pulling on the scalp.

3. Gentle Scalp Massages

A few times I went to hair salons, the stylist shampooing my hair scrubbed my scalp so hard. This may feel good to some, but with a tender head, a gentle massage cleans the scalp and feels just fine.

4. Distraction

While the pain in being tender headed is real, doing something that makes our daughter happy magically decreases her complaints. Whether it is watching a show or playing a game, it makes a huge difference when her mind is focused on something else.

5. Comfortable Night Routine

I recently realized I never liked wearing night scarves because they literally hurt my head. They were too tight and uncomfortable - no matter how loosely it was tied. We've tried satin pillowcases, bonnets and even wearing pajama pants on the head to protect the girls' hair at night. None of these worked, so I let them sleep as they are and try my best to keep their hair hydrated.

I'm curious...What tenderhead problems do you have? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

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