Saggy Diapers Don’t Scare Me

Seeing children running around in their birthday suits is a beautiful sign of summer.

One sunny day, I noticed a little boy having so much fun playing in the sprinklers. As he ran around, his loaded diaper was swinging back and forth. His diaper was so low it was hanging off of his body and barely holding on by the velcro straps.

I looked around the playground to see if I could find his grown-up — maybe they could see what I saw.

After minutes of watching this kid enjoy himself and not being bothered by the diaper, I had an epiphany. Why in the world, do I change diapers so frequently?

From that moment on, I allowed my daughter's diaper to get so full it was another reason for my family to be disturbed by my parenting style.

Here’s what I found. Since my daughter mainly breastfeeds, she only poops once a day. Of course I change the poop - but the rest of the day she just pees. She does not get a rash, she does not wreak of urine, it’s less diapers in the landfills, no more diaper bag, and she sometimes takes the diaper off at the end of the day.

Using less is definitely contrary to what the diaper companies want, but saggy diapers don’t scare me.

Do saggy diapers gross you out? Let us know how often you change your baby?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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