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How Do You Get “Alone Time” With 3 Small Homeschoolers?

Alone time is very sacred to me. And here is how I get it.

Live With Family

Thankfully I do not live alone. So the girls can be “supervised” by another adult while I sneak away for a few minutes to myself.

Visit Family

Our girls have sleepovers with their grandmothers, which gives me a nice break.

Go On Daily Walks

Every day I go for a walk. Sometimes it’s pacing indoors or a legit walk around the neighborhood. Either way, our girls know not to interrupt until I accomplish this serious goal I set for myself.

Take Daily Showers

Another important goal of mine that the girls know to only interrupt for emergencies.

Give Them Freedom

Whether it’s playing with their dolls, making crafts, watching YouTube, building on Minecraft, or having fun on Roblox, our girls thankfully have their own interests and I’m intentional about creating a space for them to explore them.

What About Your Baby?

Sometimes she’s napping. Other times she practicing standing, climbing, putting things in her mouth or watching Sesame Street. During those times, she wants to be left alone so that she can master the skills she’s trying to learn — and I work hard to create a safe place for her to do just that.

Having at least an hour of alone time every day helps me better deal with the constant chatter, movement, and demands that come with being around our children all day.

Are you able to get alone time? How do you do it? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

girl sitting on the ground with new balance sneakers on

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