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Skate The Greenway 2022

Free (plus parking)

Sep 30 - Oct 1

until 9:00pm

Rowes Wharf Plaza on The Greenway


Grab your free skates and get down to the sounds of a local DJ! This FREE two-day roller skating event is happening on The Greenway at the corner of Atlantic Ave and High Street. There will be food trucks and more.

Skaters are welcome to bring their own skates, but free rentals will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Below is the schedule...

  • Friday, September 30 | 5:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Saturday, October 1 | 2:00pm - 9:00pm

When out with little ones you'll want to know where the nearest restroom is. The closest one to the event is at International Place (an office space). You can explore the Greenway's full interactive map here.

Skate The Greenway Map Boston, MA

There is no public parking on The Greenway; however, there are meters along Atlantic Avenue and it's easily accessible by the T. Garages range from $15-$42. See options below.

  • Harbor Garage >

  • Rowes Wharf Garage >

  • Folio Boston Garage >

  • Standard Parking >

  • Worldwide Parking Associates >

  • International Place Garage >

  • 125 High Street >

Skate anatomy including the boot, tongue, toe stop, plate, wheels and laces

Above is a brief intro to skate anatomy:

  • boot - high top boots provide more ankle support, low-cut boots allow faster skating and more flexibility for cool skate moves

  • tongue - make sure it doesn't bunch up when you put on your skate; if it does, just pull the tongue up to straighten it out

  • laces - tighten the boot to your foot

  • wheels - there are 4, which is why roller skates are also known as quad skates

  • plate - determines how your skate feels

  • toe stop - helps you safely slow down and brake

and here are some skate tips (for kids and beginners)...

  • hold your arms out (like a plane, bird or butterfly) to gain balance

  • walk/march in skates until you learn to roll on them

  • stay focused on where you are going, not your feet

Skate Tips for Kids and Beginners

There are many benefits to skating outside, like being in nature. But it's totally different from skating in a rink. Skatie does an amazing job explaining how to safely skate outdoors.

She covers...

  • the importance of safety gear (plus gloves to protect the hands from falls)

  • why soft wheels are best for outdoor skating, and hard wheels are good for indoor rinks

  • how to deal with different terrain

  • using grass to avoid obstacles

  • how to position your feet to stop rolling

  • the best techniques for skating uphill and downhill

If you're little one enjoys skating, wheel-friendly spaces (in Boston) to practice skating outside include..

  • Arnold Arboretum >

  • Castle Island >

  • Roxbury Skate Park >

  • Eastie Skate Park >

  • JP Skate Park >

  • Reservation Road >

  • Millenium Park >

  • Pope John Paul II Park >

  • Smith Playground >



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