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10 Calculators Every Frugal Stay-At-Home Mom Should Know How To Use

These are the calculators that helped me …

1. Tax Calculator

Nerd Wallet's Federal Income Tax Calculator with Nerdy Insights

This calculator helps with tax planning and tax savings. Features include...

Personal finance questions

Estimated taxes

Nerdy insights

Recommended tax software

2. Amortization Calculator

Bank Rate's student loan repayment amortization calculator with total principal paid, interest paid and amortization schedule

This calculator helps you pay off interest-earning debts (like mortgages and student loans) early. Features include...

pay off date

total monthly payments

total principal paid

total interest paid

add extra payments

3. Compound Calculator

Compound calculator graph showing compound interest over 20 years

This calculator estimates how your money will grow over time. Calculations include...


End Capital


Compound Frequency (i.e. daily, weekly, quarterly, etc)

4. Simple Calculator

simple calculator screen shot showing 13*12

Simple calculators are perfect for everyday calculations. Features include...






Negative Numbers

5. Spreadsheet Formulas

Formulas help you understand your data. Our favorite are...





6. Percentage Change

This calculator calculates incremental growth. Features include...

before and after inputs

percentage change calculation

percentage change formula

7. Life Expectancy Calculator

Blue Print income calculator showing age, weight and height measurements

This calculator estimates your life span. Measurements include...




Life Events


8. Social Security Calculator

My Social Security Account Sign in and Create your account page to help estimate retirement benefits

This calculator estimates retirement benefits. Options include...

Estimating your expected retirement income

Choosing a date to begin receiving benefits

Choosing an age to begin receiving benefits

9. Stay-At-Home Mom Affordability Calculator

This calculator predicts how many months you can sustain your current lifestyle.

Calculates if you are under or over spending

Measures what's coming in and what's going out

Measures your nest egg in months

10. Homeschool Calculator

This calculator will show how much you spend per child per year.

Itemizes expenses

Takes into account number of children

Uses a 12-month homeschool year

Every individual/family has different needs. The following sites can help you find the perfect calculator for your unique situation.

I hope these tools help you plan your financial future.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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