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6 Reasons You Might Want To Take Out Your Locs

AI image of a dark brown woman with long locs

I’m sure deciding to take out your locs is a big decision. You started this journey years ago but are ready to transition back to loose hair. Below are some valid reasons for wanting to move on.

You want to try more styles - Locs are definitely versatile, but there are some styles that only loose hair can do (for example a sleek bun).

You’re looking for a change - You have nothing against locs, you just want to cut or comb them out.

They’re getting in the way - the longer your locs get, the more they can interfere with your daily routines. For example, accidentally sitting on them, laying on them, or even having them fall in your food, or in the toilet. Of course there are ways to prevent this (for example, tying them up), but you just don’t want to accommodate them anymore.

You’re obsessed with wetting your hair - Locs need to be properly dried. This means sitting for hours under a dryer, or sectioning the hair so that it can properly air-dry. If you no longer want the extra steps after you shower and/or swim, you may want to take them out.

You want a shorter hair routine - You may have gotten locs thinking they were going to make your hair routine faster. After having locs you realize your hair routine is just as long or longer.

They’re getting too heavy — Of course you can make them shorter, but if you’ve been waiting years for this length you may love the way your locs look but not the way your locs feel.

If you’re reading this you’re probably days away from cutting or taking your locs down. I’m sure there will be a community around you that can’t believe you actually did it. If you want to estimate how long it will take to undo your locs, you can use our calculator here. And if you’re curious which locs are the hardest to take out, we have a list for you here.

Until next time…

LoveThe Journey,

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