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FREE Eclipse Events For Families (in Boston)

photo to solar eclipse with a pair of eclipse glasses on the side

The following events are family-friendly and have eclipse-themed crafts, and/or free glasses to take home.

What Time Is The Solar Eclipse In Boston?

According to multiple branches at the Boston Public Library, the eclipse will be at its maximum at 3:29pm on Monday, April 8, 2024. According to DESE (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education), the eclipse will last 2.5 hours, starting around 2:00pm and ending around 4:30pm. It's also predicted that the eclipse may only reach 93% coverage.

What Eclipse-Themed Crafts Are Being Offered?

Chinatown and Adams Street are making space-themed crafts. Mattapan and Fields Corner are making pin hole viewing devices. If you miss the events or are unable to attend, we thought the following video was super helpful. It requires items you may already have at home like a toilet paper roll, aluminum foil, a rubber band, and paper.

What's The Recommended Ages For The Eclipse Viewing Parties?

Most of the events are family-friendly and for all ages. The story times and craft parties are for younger audiences.

Which Boston Libraries Are Giving Away Free Eclipse Glasses?

All of the branches listed above are giving away free glasses. Fields Corner mentioned one per person; Brighton mentioned a limit of 2 glasses per person; And Mattapan stated they are sharing glasses during the event, and will allow attendees to take them home after.

Is The Boston Children's Museum Offering An Eclipse Viewing Party?

No. While the Boston Children's Museum hosted an eclipse viewing party in the past, they appear to be closed for this one. The eclipse falls on a Monday, and the Children's Museum is currently only open from Wednesday to Sunday. If your family wants the museum experience, you can try the Museum of Science. Admission is required, but unfortunately there won't be a watch party. According to their website, "the sightlines from [their] location are not ideal for viewing." Spectacle Island also has a paid experience, Larz Anderson Park (in Brookline) will be hosting a free event, the Discovery Museum (in Acton) will have some space-themed activities, and DCR has free programming in Milton.

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