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500+ Ideas For Boston Homeschoolers Who Want To Explore Every Inch Of The City

Boston has so much to offer. We hope you find this list helpful.


Boston's Young Animal Lovers

Boston Art Classes + Studios

Boston Baseball Fields + Batting Cages

Boston Baseball Little League

Boston Baseball Clinics

Boston Basketball Courts (Indoor)

Boston Basketball Clinics

Boston Basketball Courts (Outdoor)

Basketball Leagues + Teams

Boston Family-Friendly Bowling

Boston Youth Boxing

Boston Youth Clubs

Boston Cooking Classes

Boston Cycling For Young People

Boston Dance Studios + Classes

Boston's Multi-Cultural Foods

Boston Farmers Markets + Farming Youth Programs

Boston Youth Fishing

Boston Football Fields

Boston's Youth Flag Football

Boston's Youth Football Teams

Boston Youth Football Cheerleaders

Boston Youth Golf

Free programs that teach golf skills to ages 7+

Boston Gymnastics

Develop gross motor skills, strength training, body awareness and more. Paid programming for ages 1+.

Boston Youth Jump Team

Boston Public Libraries

Today's local libraries have dedicated kid spaces with games, puzzles and stuffies. There are also story times, kid-friendly programming and discounted tickets to Boston museums.

Boston Museums

Chat with a wax model of Oprah, spend an afternoon learning about video games + contemporary art, or make new discoveries at one of Boston's museums.

Boston's Music Programs For Children

Resources for singers and music enthusiasts.

Boston's Littlest Nature Lovers


Boston's 100+ playgrounds couldn't fit in this post. Click here to get a complete list of playgrounds by neighborhood.

Boston 0-3 Playgroups

Boston Pools (Indoor) + Swim Lessons

For a small membership fee, you can enjoy family swim at these local community centers.

Boston Pools (Outdoor) + Swim Lessons

Open seasonally, these pools are FREE and perfect for hot summer days. Go at off-peak times to avoid the camps and big crowds

Boston Youth Racquet Ball

Boston Rock Wall Climbing

Boston Young Scientists

Boston Skating + Skateboarding

Boston's indoor + outdoor wheel-friendly spaces.

Boston Soccer Fields

With over 10 fields, Boston has plenty of practice space. Players start as young as 3.

Boston Youth Soccer Skills + Teams

Boston Softball Fields

Boston Youth Softball Teams + Clinics

Boston Family-Friendly Snow Sports

Make winter fun with these cold-weather sports.

Boston Street Hockey

Boston Youth Technology Classes + Exhibits

Boston Tennis Courts (Outdoors)

Boston has over 30 outdoor courts + free training for children ages 2 and up.

Tennis Youth Classes + Clinics

Boston Youth Theater + Performing Arts

Boston Track + Field (Outdoor)

South Boston has FREE winter, spring + summer programs for children ages 6-13.

Boston Track + Field (Indoor)

Boston Track + Field Team

Boston Youth Volleyball

Boston Youth Wiffle Ball

Boston Family-Friendly Yoga