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What Pain Management Did You Use For The First 24 Hours Of Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding after birth causes nursing cramps which are super uncomfortable to me.

I know the process of making colostrum (the thick nutrient-dense liquid gold our body produces and is vital in giving our babies the healthiest start) is beneficial to my health, but it was also super painful to me. Not on the breast— but at my core.

Here are two products that eased my pain.

Newborn at the breast | newborn breastfeeding - breastfeeding after birth

A Heating Pad

For less than $40 we got an electric heating pad. I plugged it in, put it to the highest setting and laid it across my stomach.

I literally slept with it on (I do not recommend) for several days.

To avoid burning our baby, I laid a thick blanket over the pad while holding her. But most of the time, other family members held her while I recovered.

The pain was the worst when she was actually nursing. The heat made the discomfort more bearable before, during, and after breastfeeding.


A day after our birth, I was still on the same couch we delivered on (we had a home birth if you were wondering), because moving would be too painful.

I did not tear during labor, the main source of my pain was the rearranging of my insides when the baby nursed.

So I took the highest dose of pain relievers every six hours.

How Long Did Your Nursing Cramps Last?

4 days.

The second day after our birth, I regained strength in my legs and was able to walk. So I thought I didn't need ibuprofen for the cramps.

But when she nursed it still caused cramping, so I continued taking pills until the pain subsided.

Did You Try Natural Solutions To Deal With Your Pain?

I consider heat to be a natural pain reliever - and it was amazingly helpful. It kind of numbed the soreness from the outside in.

I’ve heard some essential oils and herbs are great natural pain relievers, but I didn’t try them.

How Do You Have A Natural Birth, Then Use Pain Medication?

Great question.

Deep breathing, eating ice, applied pressure, the bath water even pulling out my own hair and squeezing the heck out of my husband's hands were all super helpful in helping me naturally cope with labor pains. Once our baby came earthside, I really struggled to cope with the internal pain associated with breastfeeding. And I trusted our midwives that ibuprofen was safe for both me and our baby.

When Did You Feel The Worse Pain?

Definitely when I breastfed. While my vagina was sore, the internal cramping was very uncomfortable every time I nursed.

How Did That Affect You Breastfeeding?

She slept a lot the days and weeks following our birth. Thankfully we were both exhausted, so she did not feed as much. Despite her not eating, she maintained good health as a newborn. Our resting was a integral part of our recovery.

Were nursing cramps uncomfortable for you? How did you handle them? What must have products did you use in your first hours of breastfeeding?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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