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How Do You Make Your Tangles Melt On Wash Day?

Tangles that melt make for a quick and gentle wash day. Here are 4 tips we use to make this happen.

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1. Always Wash Hydrated Hair

Waiting until the hair is hard, dry and dehydrated is a bad idea and leads to a nightmare on wash day. There is more breakage, the hair gets knotted, damaged and requires so much more product and time to detangle.

That means, we don’t wash our hair after a certain amount of time. We wash it depending on how it feels.

For example, the girls’ hair can last up to two weeks or more in braids. By last, I mean it still feels soft. However, I will wash their hair after five days of wearing a bun, because this style doesn’t stay moisturized as long as braids do.

And a protective style does not have to be braids. My hair loves and stays the most hydrated in a wash-n-go.

2. Take Advantage Of Water Pressure

Dry detangling is not an option for our tight kinks and coils. We heavily rely on the downward pressure of the showerhead to loosen our curls.

3. Find The Perfect Conditioner

All conditioners are not created equal. It took months if not years for us to find a product that actually detangled our hair without needing palm fills of it. 4-5 pumps of a good conditioner (per section) is all we need to get the job done.

Haven’t found the right product yet? Find a store with a great return policy and shop around until you find what you specifically need.

4. Finger Comb

Using our fingers to feel and separate the curls makes it easier to prevent a knot before it happens.

Finger combing helps the tangles melt away, then we use the detangling brush to finish the job.

If you’re still having trouble with the detangling process, please don’t get frustrated with your hair. You just haven’t found the right, products, technique or routine that works for you.

Keep studying and trying new things.

If you have experienced your tangles melting, what has been working?

I remember the first time I experienced it - it made me proud that I had finally figured out how to care for my hair. I felt like my curls appreciated that I took care of them and were saying thank you by cooperating.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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