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After Breastfeeding Two Children, Here's Why I Decided To Blog

You may think I love writing and reading. Nope, I’m more of a visual learner. Yet in still writing one post a week was a challenge that I was excited to take on.

Here’s why...

1. To Encourage Other Families

As our daughter approached her first birthday, her pediatrician, my family and others were asking when I was going to wean her off the breast. My daughter loved breastmilk and I didn’t see the benefit of taking something natural and healthy away from her, simply because she “aged out.”

I would shyly breastfeed her in public until I was approached by many womyn (mostly not from the states) thanking me for nursing.

These wombmen helped build my confidence around listening to my child and her needs.

I learned that the Caribbean Islands encourage breastfeeding and actually have no shame in showing their breast.

I learned from a London mom that the government financially supports mothers up to a year after giving birth and if a mother returns to work before then — society thinks something is wrong.

I learned in Fredrick Douglas’s autobiography, that one of the main agendas of slavery was to separate a child from its mother within the first year - which is what the labor force does to mothers in the United States now.

And so, after 7 consecutive years of giving our children the best foundation through breastfeeding, I wanted to create a safe space online where other families could find emotional support while breastfeeding beyond infancy.

7 Reasons Why This Breastfeeding Mom Blogs

2. Be Proud Of Myself

In addition to having a child suck from me for what sometimes feels like all day, I also went through a period of washing urine-soaked sheets daily, cooking at least one meal a day, and having to deal with a mentally exhausted husband.

I love being available and able to meet the unique needs and demands of my family, but I also needed to build something I was tremendously proud of, something that fills my cup so that I could continue pouring into our unit -- and blogging does that for me.

3. To Self-Educate

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd - I love learning, feeding my mind, growing and improving myself.

Blogging continues to excite me intellectually and has opened up a world of opportunities for me.

As a self-motivated adult learner, I’ve discovered self-education is super fun and better than any schooling I’ve ever attended (and believe me I went to the finest of the finest institutions).

I have taught myself about SEO, graphic design, affiliate programs, email signatures, banners, trademarks, website design, call-to-actions, business structures, compound interest, infographics, heart-led businesses, and so much more in a span of two years.

And by “teaching myself” I mean, I’ve purposely surrounded myself with amazing educators on and off-line to soak up their knowledge.

4. To Challenge Myself

When I have had a job, I usually got bored or felt unappreciated, so I left.

I wanted to see if I truly had a problem with commitment or if I hadn’t found my true purpose in life, which now I know is providing the greatest value to my community and loved ones.

Consistently blogging is definitely a challenge, but one I find super rewarding.

5. Means Of Income

When I started blogging, I had no idea so many people made a living from it.

As a homemaker, I was excited to find new ways to provide value to others while being able to stay home with our girls.

I wrote my first e-book, published my first children’s book, was sent free product, offered speaking engagements and paid contracts simply from building a virtual home around a topic I am passionate about.

After two years, I can’t live off of the income this blog generates but I’m super confident it will.

6. As A Creative Outlet

I love to create. And expressing my creativity through DommiesBlessed is one way I make love to myself.

7. To Reflect

Because writing isn’t a natural skill of mine, regularly blogging forces me to clarify my thoughts and focus on my mission, especially as a breastfeeding mom.

Are you interested in blogging? You can blog for free on social media platforms, but I’m a big advocate for owning your space. I used Wix to build our virtual home, because it allows me to focus on my creativity while the coding is automatically handled by the website. You can also reach out to the Wix team for technical support.

Are you already a blogger? Why did you get started? What has blogging done for you and your family?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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