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5 Ways We Quickly Dry Our Hair

Our hair feels softer and healthier when air-dried. But leaving hair to dry on its own can take some time if it’s not properly prepared.

Here’s what works for us.

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1. Properly Cleanse Hair

So many problems come from hair build up. This occurs when there are layers of product and dirt that weigh down the hair and prevent it from functioning properly. Taking forever to dry is one of them. We occasionally clarify our curls and use bar soap to avoid this issue.

2. Use Less Product

After washing, we only use conditioner, oil and sometimes gel. That is it.

When there are so many layers of product it can take hours for the hair to dry.

So I would highly recommend finding the tiniest amount of products that work great in your hair -- and stick to those.

3. Plait It

Braids are the best style to dry hair. They dry faster than other styles like Bantu knots, can be slept on and do not mildew.

When I wash the girls' hair at night, I braid it right in the tub, and it is usually dry by the morning.

4. Squeeze and Shake Out Excess Water

I don’t use shirts or towels, we just squeeze and shake out the excess.

5. Go Outside

If it’s warm, go for a drive, or a walk and the heat will naturally dry damp hair.

What was the longest time it took for you to air-dry your hair? Mine was over 24 hours, before I started doing the steps above. What works for you now? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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