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Free Tennis Lessons For Kids (In Boston)

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Tennis is a year-round sport that's perfect for Boston families. With plenty of indoor and outdoor courts, tennis players of all ages can practice anytime at their own pace. If you're looking for programs that will introduce your little one to tennis basics, there are three organizations (that we know of) that offer them for free.


Tenacity is a nonprofit organization that offers free tennis lessons for children ages 6 to 15. The 2024 summer schedule runs for 5 weeks from July 8th to August 16th. There are 5 different sites in Boston which are often marked with Tenacity's bright orange signs. You'll see them at Billings Field (West Roxbury), Boston Common (Downtown), Carter Playground (Roxbury), Constitution Beach (East Boston), and Dorchester Park (Dorchester).

Phone: (617) 562-0900 Ext. 2010


Franklin Park Tennis Association (FPTA)

The Franklin Park Tennis Association is a multi-generational organization that serves the whole family. They offer free 75-minute lessons throughout the year for ages 8+. FPTA utilizes outdoors courts like Almont Park in Mattapan and Franklin Park in Dorchester. As well as indoor courts like the Melnea Cass Arena in Roxbury.

Phone: (617) 427-8900


Sportmen's tagline is "Tennis and education for life." Its program is located in a huge indoor facility on Blue Hill Ave in Dorchester. Sportsmen uses a gamed-based approach to teach children as young as 2 years old to play.

Phone: (617) 288-9092

What Equipment Do You Need For Tennis?

The programs listed above have balls and rackets for players to use. Your child may want to wear comfortable sneakers to run in and maybe bring a water bottle for hydration. If you're looking for tennis equipment of your own, Dick's is a great sporting goods store for in-person shopping and Wilson is a trusted sports brand online.

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