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3 Ways Our Non-Medicated Home Birth Affected Our Baby’s Latch

3 Ways Our Non-Medicated Birth Affected Our Baby’s Latch |  DommiesBlessed

Our youngest was born in our home kitchen using water, deep breathing and meditation. Without a doubt, it positively affected our baby’s latch. But first…

What Is A Latch?

Latching is how the baby attaches to the breast.

What Is A Non-Medicated Birth?

Not using pharmaceutical drugs to help the birthing process.

Now, here are three ways our non-medicated birth affected our baby’s latch.

1. She Was Alert

Although our daughter was sleepy (from the work of birthing), she was fully aware of what was going on in the room.

2. She Knew Where The Food Was

After her nap, when she was ready to eat she knew where to go to get her meal.

3. She Was Very Strong

Not only did she instinctually know where the food was, but she literally crawled right up to my breast and nursed herself. Think this is strange? Check out these videos of the breast crawl.

If you're interested, this post shares our baby's latch after our medicated birth.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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