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3 Reasons Our Toddler Stays On The Breast

"Didn't she just get off the boob, I mean geesh!" I was at book club and one of my non-mom friends wondered why our child kept latching on. Of course I laughed. Here are three reasons our toddler stays on the breast.

1. For Comfort

Especially if we are in unfamiliar spaces I can tell when our daughter is nervous, anxious or scared. Some children carry blankets, stuffed animals, or suck their thumbs. For our children - they nurse.

2. For Sleep

When tired, our 2 year old likes to pacify. In this situation, she is not drinking, just soothing herself to sleep.

3 Reasons Our Toddler Stays On The Breast | DommiesBlessed

3. She's Hungry

There have been times I am out and do not have enough food or anything she is interested in. During those times she will switch back and forth between the breasts to tell me she is hungry.

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