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6 Ways Our Homeschool Family Stays Married With Children

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We’ve been married for 6 years, 12 weeks and 2 days. It may not seem like a lot — but if 20 is adulthood, then I’ve been married for half of it. And staying committed during life’s lows takes so much more than being “in love.” Here is how our homeschool family stays married with children.

1. Having A Family Vision

One date night, this speaker described the purpose of families building together. That moment added so much more substance to our family vision. We still have disappointing moments, but I am super focused on working through them in order to benefit our children and future generations.

2. Doing My Part

I stopped worrying about what my husband was or was not doing. Instead, I focus on what I can control - which is being the best mother and partner I can be.

3. Knowing My Power

It’s true - happy wife, happy life. If I am not in a good space, our household crumbles. Knowing I have this power reminds me to focus on my own happiness and everything else will fall into place.

4. Connecting With Resilient Wives

I’m grateful for married womyn who share their intimate journeys with me. I also study strong womyn who have influential husbands and are able to support his dreams while fulfilling their own.

5. Being Mindful Of What I Take In

I’ve become super careful of what I expose my mind and spirit to. I intentionally seek positive images of marriages and lyrics of women who are in or seeking relationships with Kings.

6. Prayer (I have to do this more!)

I thought I was the most patient, loving, organized (amongst other things) -- boy was I wrong! Prayer allows me to meditate, give thanks, say what I need and ultimately grow into a better version of myself. It is only with the strength and guidance from our Creator, that I am able to hold our family together.

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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