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4 Unforgettable Lessons I Learned About Braids

I was taking down our daughter’s braids, when a chunk of hair came out. It was so dry, it just fell off. I thought braids were a protective style that prevented breakage. Welp! Here is what I learned…

two girls wearing colorful beads eating ice cream

1. Proper Preparation

In the past I co-washed their hair, which really suffocated their strands and made them dry. Instead, a super thorough cleanse (especially after long-term styles) is a must in our home. The braids look healthier, shinier, fresher, and the style lasts way longer.

2. Daily Moisturizing

Whether they wet their hair while bathing, or I spritz with water in morning — I have to keep their hair moisturized (even when in braids). No I don't use any product after their braids are in. Instead, we prefer water as our main source of moisture. Creams, oils, and other products tend to make the hair sticky and an ultimate lint magnet.

3. Less Beads

I noticed too many beads can cause stress and weigh the hair down. It can also be uncomfortable to sleep on. Now, I put no more than one third of their hair length in beads.

4. Sealing the Ends

When installing the braids, I make sure to add a little extra conditioner and water to the ends of their hair. Then comb through with a fine tooth comb. This ensures that their ends are properly sealed and can withstand spending days or weeks tucked away.

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Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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