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4 Unforgettable Lessons I Learned About Braids

I was taking down our daughter’s braids, when a chunk of hair came out. It was so dry, it just fell off. I thought braids were a protective style that prevented breakage. Welp! Here is what I learned…

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1. Proper Preparation

I noticed if I am going to keep their hair in braids for a week, I have to properly prepare the hair. The healthier their hair is before I install the braids, the better condition their hair will be when I take them out. I have to fully cleanse, condition, and thoroughly detangle.

2. Daily Moisturizing

Whether they wet their hair while bathing, or I spritz with water in morning — I have to keep their hair moisturized (even when in braids).

3. Less Beads

I noticed too many beads can cause stress and weigh the hair down. It can also be uncomfortable to sleep in. Now, I put no more than one third of their hair length.

4. Sealing the ends

A friend recommended I finger coil the ends if we are not putting beads. This helps to keep the ends neat and healthy.

That's it! Click here to read more about our hair care.

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