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5 Ways We Minimize Tangles

Curls were made to kiss. It's one of their best features in my eyes. However, without proper care, their spiraling shape can easily knot, loc and break. The girls have definitely had matted hair in the past, here are ways I try to minimize the tangles.

1. Do Hair Daily

When I do their hair daily, it gives the curls less time to knot up.

2. Finger comb

Raking my fingers through their hair before using any hair tools helps to loosen the curls so that I am not ripping out strands.

3. Ends to Root

Brushing or combing from the scalp to the ends creates tangles, because it bunches the curls together. When doing their hair, I have to detangle the ends and work my way up.

4. Keep Moisturized

Dry hair tends to tangle more easily. Something about the strands being separated instead of clumped in their natural state causes problems. I keep their hair moisturizer by fully saturating with water everyday.

5. Sleep Routine

The girls toss and turn throughout the night. Satin pillowcases and scarfs have worked for me, but not for these active sleepers. When plaiting their hair at night, they still wake up with bed head, but it prevents them from having a big knotted mess in the morning.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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