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5 Ways Our Homeschoolers Have Fun With Black Science Month

October is Black Science Month and we have been having so much fun observing, exploring and experimenting. Here are some of the ways we are delving into the sciences.

1. Reading

My plan was to introduce our five year old to several black scientists, however she immediately connected with one. Most famously known for being the first African American female astronaut, Dr. Mae Jamison is also a dancer, a doctor, a professor, an author, an actress and so much more. We reread one of Dr. Jemison’s stories over-and-over again and our daughter loved the fact that Dr. Jemison fulfilled her dreams and has become “whatever she wants to be.”

2. Art

Our five year old has been spending a lot of time creating clay models. Inspired by Dr. Mae Jemison’s story, she refused to go to sleep one night after spending an hour molding a solar system. Making dinosaur habitats is another fave.

3. Technology

Dr. Sheva Quinn, another homeschooling mother, highly recommended coding. We tried a few apps and have enjoyed figuring out the codes together.

4. Hands-On Experiments

Making rock candy is a week-long experiment involving sugar crystals forming on a stick. Despite our two failed attempts, I think the girls practiced patience and enjoyed the taste of the final product.

5. Educate Myself

It’s essential for me to study alongside our girls, so that I can give greater context to whatever we are learning. I’ve gained a ton of inspiration studying ancient African science and Black inventors.

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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