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3 Ways Amazon Helps Me Be A Better Homeschool Mom

I was slow to online shopping for many reasons, and now it helps me better manage our home. Here are three examples.

1. More Efficient

There are times I need diapers, but dread dragging the girls into a store for one item. I have also experienced stores not having the right size (we wear the largest). I feel more productive ordering essentials like diapers online and having them delivered straight to our door.

2. Happier Household

I’m so happy our husband got sick of a $200 cable bill and opted to get a fire stick. I largely depend on shows like the Lion Guard, to keep the girls happy and distracted while I do their hair. As Amazon prime members, we also have access to more entertainment options. Happy husband and children equal happier me.

3. Less Stressed

The girls recently started dance school and I was confident I had everything they needed. …Until 10pm the day before — I realized I did not have their uniforms. Thanks to one faithful store, I was able to get their leotard and tights that night — but still needed their shoes. After visiting the fourth store and not finding tap shoes for the girls (I prefer to buy in-store to ensure they fit), I ordered online.

I am working on my organization, but the reality is I have so much going on in my head that I easily forget. While I am not a shopaholic, there are a few essentials that I purchase online. Amazon definitely helps me to feel less stressed, more efficient and have an overall happier household.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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