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A Day With A Two-Year Old Homeschooler

Every day is special because it’s an opportunity to discover something new. This is what goes on in a homeschool day. I will try to separate our activities into academic subjects, but please know in real life most subjects overlap.

homeschooler eating Cheerios

Love & Peace

Our 2 year old naturally wakes up around 8. I greet her with a big smile, hug and kiss. Although her eyes are open it takes her some time to fully wake. I read a few books while she nurses. We cuddle and read until she is ready to start her day.

Colors & Numbers

After her belly is full, she runs to the playroom. She asks me to do a color puzzle with her. I notice her collecting toys from around the room and grouping them by color. I am impressed by her game of categorization. Shortly after she wants to play store. She pulls out the cash register. I point out the numbers 0 to 9. We play more until….

Emotional Development

She starts crying because she wants me to continue playing, but I need to shower and dress. No day is complete without our 2 year old crying out of frustration or sadness.


As soon as I exit the shower, she hands me an earring. She was playing in my jewelry box while I bathed. She called the earring “mom,” and the bracelet charm she was holding “baby.” In order for me to get myself and her dressed I had to talk through these make-shift toys.


During our drive to pick up her sister we jammed to some classics. Music is a huge part of our homeschool life as there are many valuable life lessons planted in the lyrics. As our girls grow, I hope they remember them.


She played with my mom’s kitten while I cooked lunch. I wasn’t watching, but I’m sure our toddler discovered some interesting things about cats while the kitten chased her and this string around the house.

Community Walk

On our walk to the train station, she pointed out stop signs and practiced her gross motor skills by jumping off the curbs.

Boston homeschoolers playing on public phone at Newmarket Commuter Rail station in Dorchester, Boston, MA


"Sssssss,” I heard her say while pointing to the letter “s.” She was looking at the train station sign. I made the sounds of each letter she pointed to.

New Experiences

It's been a while since our two year old rode a train. Plus, her sister's enthusiasm made her extremely excited.

toddler napping in double stroller


On our walk to the museum, our excited toddler fell asleep. She missed the entire visit and woke up 2 hours later on our train ride home.


When she woke, we cuddled and nursed.

Boston toddler balancing on a play structure at Mary Hannon Playground in Dorchester, Boston, MA

Gross Motor Mastery

We can't walk past a playground without the girls wanting to play. Our 2 year old repeated this balancing exercise over and over again. After about 30 minutes of peaceful play, a sibling fight (between her and her sister) was a sign for us to leave.

Nutrition & Gardening

At my mother’s house we checked on our garden. To our surprise there were finally a few ripe tomatoes. The girls were super excited. I reminded them to only pick the red ones.

Boston, Massachusetts homeschoolers gardening

Strengthening Community

The neighbors watched us from their window and wanted to play. The girls ran around for couple of hours while I chatted with their mom.


We reached home very late. The girls know the routine, bathe then bed. I read the familiar books from the morning for bedtime. She suckles on the breast before falling asleep.

You may be wondering...this is not a typical day. While there are times we do not leave the house (usually if the girls are sick) most days are very long and full of teaching moments.

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Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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