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7 Simple Secrets to Make Curls Pop

The simpler their hair routine, the better their hair looks. Here are my 7 secrets to making the girls’ curls pop.

1. Healthy Hair

We have to take care of our hair in order for it to look healthy. Faking it will not last long before the true health of our hair shows. I keep the girls’ hair healthy by detangling, moisturizing daily, and using minimal product. Healthy curls pop, bounce and move in the wind.

2. Good Cleansing

Keeping their strands clean helps avoid product from weighing down their beautiful curls. Because I use gel, I have to wash their hair at least once a week.

3. Detangle

Throughly detangling from roots to end makes a huge difference. It allows the strands to lay down so that they can curl together.

4. Moisturize

Water is essential for our curls. I have to saturate their hair everyday (if it is not braided). At times, I do cheat by just spritzing the hair. But I can not do this too often, because it will leave their hair dry and damaged.

5. Conditioner

I have tried the “water-only” method, but haven’t figured out how to keep our curls happy without product. Conditioner is used to soften and help detangle the curls.

6. Gel

I apply a tiny amount on their crown and edges. It makes the curls reflect light giving them the illusion of shine. Gel also creates a seal so that they do not lose moisture too quickly.

7. Finger Coil (optional)

Most of the time, their natural ringlets are out (like the picture above). Occasionally, I finger coil loose curls - it gives their hair a fuller and more uniformed look making their curly fro pop and stand out.

That's it. What would you add to this list?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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