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5 Tips For Less Stress Grocery Shopping With Homeschoolers

Buying food online is starting to get easier. Yet, there are still some items we have to buy in the store. If your food shopping experience is anything like mine, it typically involves someone crying, someone sleeping and someone about to lose their mind. Here is how we get in and out of the store quickly and happily.

1. Make A List

Pre-children I was anti-list. I enjoyed skimming every aisle and buying whatever food pleased my cravings at the time. Now my food shopping is goal-oriented, I need specific items and I need to get out of the store as fast as I can. I keep a running list of things we need on our fridge and I snap a picture before heading to the store.

2. Go At Non-Peak Times

I avoid days like the first of the month (when some are paid) and after 5 (when everyone gets out of work). Less people equals shorter lines and faster check-out times.

3. Grab A Car Cart

These amazing shopping carts (pictured below) are life savers!! It’s a shame not all grocery stores have them. It distracts the girls for a bit, making my shopping experience a little easier. If your local store does not have them, I would speak to the manager.

4. Use Stroller

There are instances when both the girls are sleeping and I have no choice but to food shop. In this case, I would only buy the essentials, and use every available space on the stroller to store food. I have also clipped the rolling cart to my stroller if more space is needed.

5. Buy a Snack

If the girls are not hungry at the start of our shopping, they definitely will be by time we get out. I usually buy fruit (grapes) or something from the hot bar (chicken) so that they can eat on the car ride home.

NOTE: Our girls are 2 and 5. This list would be slightly different if we had a newborn.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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