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10 Outfit Hacks For Active Little Girls

Inspired by Flo-Jo who was always glamorous on the track.

Getting the girls dressed every morning is an interesting process. Here are a couple of clever solutions:

1. Dress As Shirt

Since kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, this tip allows the girls to keep clothing for more than one season. Meaning, some dresses are made so long that by the next season, they still fit (just a little shorter). A year later, they are now able to wear the dresses as a long shirt. Since dresses last so many seasons and they only require one piece of clothing, they're the perfect choice for minimalists and it makes them a smarter buy than shirts.

2. Shorts/Pants Under Dress

The girls love wearing dresses and watching the fabric spin as they twirl. My girls also love climbing, biking, slides and hanging upside (amongst other adrenal pumping things). I want the girls to be able to have fun without having to worry about closing and crossing their legs. Thus we wear pants or shorts (depending on the weather) and the girls feel beautiful, confident and stay active at the same time.

3. Fold Clothes Straight Out The Dryer

Now this does not happen too often because laundry is a never ending task (for me). When I fold immediately out of the dryer, the clothes have less wrinkles. I also prefer fabrics (like spandex) for the kids that don’t look terrible when not ironed.

4. Spare Clothes

Accidents are bound to happen, so we always travel with a change of clothes.

5. Mix-Match Socks

It is a cute trend and I do not mind if their socks do not match.

6. Clothes They Absolutely Love

I've learned to not waste money on clothing or sneakers that I think is cute. Instead, I buy clothes they love (and will wear). For example, instead of convincing our daughter to put on her shoes, I bought sneakers of her favorite character (right now it's baby shark). So she is super excited about putting on her sneakers. I also bought a matching hat, sweater and gloves. Now getting dressed is super easy, because she loves everything she wears.

7. Try Before You Buy

Shopping with multiple children isn't my strength. So I was super happy when Amazon rolled out "try before you buy." It's a way for you to try out outfits before you purchase them. Amazon delivers them to you, so you do not have to leave your home. I use this service especially for the girls footwear, because I'm always unsure if I measured their feet right. So I'll buy two pair then return the too small or too big size. It's also great if your children are picky about fabrics. Meaning, you buy a pair of pants, but the material is itchy or doesn't feel great.

Prime Try Before You Buy - How It Works
Photo: Amazon

In order to use Prime Try Before You Buy, you have to be a Prime member. But the membership is totally worth it (in my opinion). You get 2-hour grocery delivery, same day delivery on other products, plus their customer service is amazing! We've been members for over 5 years, but you can check out all the benefits for yourself here. Another great idea, is to have a family member gift the membership to you.

Also know that not all items have this option. Meaning, some sneakers will not let you try them before you buy them. Always look for the prime try before you buy logo and make sure the feature is toggled on. While the option may be available, you actively have to request to use it or the product(s) will be charged at checkout.

8. Reachable Drawers and Closet

Child-sized furniture is a super important part of getting dressed. For our home, this meant bunk beds with low drawers, and closet hangersOur two year old was able to access her clothes the moment she could walk. I kept her clothes in low drawers that she could easily open. Our five year old loves going into her closet (without my help) and surprising us with a different outfit multiple times a day.

9. Glowing Skin

Beautiful skin compliments every outfit. I like the girls’ skin to shine bright, so sunbathing and using oil or a butter is a must.

10. Confidence In Their Choices

Whether it's our 2 year old who wants to dress herself or our 5 year old whose fashion involves putting items together I would never imagine - I love their independence and creativity.

I'll end with this adorable booklist about getting dressed. The stories include a child who never wants to take off their favorite outfit, and a child who always wants to look extra fancy. They will definitely make you laugh, and help relieve the stress of parenting.

Picture Books about getting dressed at the Boston Public Library

What outfit hacks have you been learning with your little ones?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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