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4 Reasons I Recommend Couples for Premarital Counseling

We've had a few marriage counselors and most have been couples. Here are reasons I highly recommend them:

1. Better Connection & Communication

We had great sessions with couples, because we both had a partner we could relate to. This is super important so that both you and your fiancé/spouse build a trustworthy connection and feel safe enough to fully engage.

2. Sharing Past Experiences

I’m always grateful for couples who are willing to share their journey. I also really appreciate those who reveal how they got through challenging times. Being in the presence of a loving couple is a reminder that we too can grow closer and stronger. And watching this documentary together helped us understand what it takes.

3. Different Styles

Because there are two people, their counseling styles are different. I was slightly worried because the husband, in one of the couples, said little to nothing and I thought my husband would think it was a waste of his time. I learned my husband loved the male presence, understood his message, and felt his few words were perfect.

4. Role Models

Seeing a black couple in a loving, happy and healthy marriage is rare to me - so I am always interested in knowing their secrets. Need to schedule a one-on-one with us? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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